Business Overview

Converged Network & System Solution

An integrated services to divert a process for comprehensive management for the data network devices such as routers / switches, access points wifi etc ranging from the provision, installation, and integration into a system that is reliable, effective and efficient. Where it's more efficient to coexist telephone, video and data communication within a single networkand it also offers the convinience and flexibility that is not possible with seperate infrastructures

Combining this convergence of network and system also allow our customers to be more efficient in terms of both techincal and business aspects where we pool all of the IT resources and the automationf IT processes by using a single integrated IT management system.

We are supported by our partners :

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PT. Internasional Teknokom Ciptakreasi (Intertec) is an integrated information technology (IT) solutions provider of enterprise infrastructure system and business application solutions that delivers the best value IT

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