Business Overview

Unified Communication and Collaboration ( UC & C)

UC&C solutions provided by us, allow our customers to communicate and conference via various methods such as text, audio, video and virtual white boards and makes them available through a single interface.

Communication, especially for brainstorming and presentations with audience interaction, can be greatly smoothed by seamless UCC software that enables many different interaction methods. One benefit is that users can devote their attention to the topic at hand rather than the operation of various pieces of software to enable communication through different mediums.

We are supported by our partners :

  •   EightyEight@Kasablanka - Unit 11 B
         Jl. Casablanca Raya Kav. 88
         Jakarta Selatan - 12870
  •   +62 21 -2128-2131
  •   +62 21 -2128-3078


PT. Internasional Teknokom Ciptakreasi (Intertec) is an integrated information technology (IT) solutions provider of enterprise infrastructure system and business application solutions that delivers the best value IT

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